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Is Physical Therapy Painful?

Physical Therapy has some discomforts that are associated with healing tissues.  Your PT will monitor your pain location, type, and severity to properly adapt your treatment and ensure that you are healing the most efficient and comfortable way possible.

What Types Of Treatments Will I Receive?

Treatment will be vary based on diagnosis and clinical findings during your appointments.  The Therapists at Summit Physical Therapy have over 30 years of combined experience and treat with evidence-based guidelines to ensure that you receive the best care.

Will I Get A Massage At Physical Therapy?

Physical Therapist are highly trained in manual techniques that ensure proper tissue healing occurs and mechanical function is at its optimum.  PT's will use a vast array of techniques to accomplish this and some may feel similar to massage.

What Happens If My Problem Or Pain Returns?

Successful Physical Therapy ensures that the root cause of the pain has been addressed and rehabilitated.  Summit believes that the patient should be empowered with the knowledge and tools necessary to prevent future reoccurrences.  In the rare instance your pain returns in an area you were treated for previously, your PT will want to evaluate it prior to making any further recommendations.

Can I Go To Any Physical Therapy Clinic?

Yes.  Your Physical Therapy referral is accepted at Summit Physical Therapy, Inc even if we are not listed on the referral.  Summit PT accepts all insurance carriers and is consistently working to become preferred providers for more insurance carriers in the Homer area.  Summit's highly trained Doctors of Physical Therapy are able to see you without a referral for your initial evaluation.  Schedule your appointment today. 

Can I Go Directly To My Physical Therapist?

Yes.  Your Physical Therapist at Summit PT is highly trained in differential diagnosis and is able to determine if PT is appropriate for you or if a referral to another practitioner is necessary.  When you call to schedule an appointment, our knowledgeable office staff will check with your insurance provider and discuss your coverage.  You can even be treated without insurance coverage.

Can My Therapist Provide Me With A Diagnosis?

Your Physical Therapist will discuss their findings with you and provide you with a treatment diagnosis that will lead the focus of your care.

How Does The Billing Process Work?

Your PT will bill your insurance provider for the services rendered.  Any treatment that is necessary, but may not be covered by insurance, will always be discussed with you before being provided.  Copayment, deductibles, and coinsurances are payed by the insured party.

What Will I Have To Do After Physical Therapy?

Completion of formal Physical Therapy will provide you with the knowledge and tools to continue progress and prevent re-occurrence of your ailment.  A proper home exercise program will be provided to you at your discharge appointment.  If your pain persists, your PT will refer you to the most appropriate healthcare professional.

Is My Therapist Licensed?

Yes.  Summit Physical Therapy, Inc ensures that all therapists are licensed through the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy (FSBPT) and the state of Alaska.  Each Physical Therapist also completes a minimum 24 credit hours of continuing education each license period.

How Do I Choose A Physical Therapy Clinic?

You should choose a clinic based on the reputation and value the Physical Therapists in the clinic have to offer.  Research your PT on our website and determine the right fit for you based on their experience and specialty credentialing.  Successful clinics will also monitor their patient outcomes from treatment and provide that information to the public.

What Is Your Privacy Policy?

Summit Physical Therapy, Inc. maintains a strict confidentiality agreement, code of ethics and standards of practice.  We will only discuss your protected health information with the appropriate personnel involved in your care.  You may provide written permission for Summit to discuss your care with other individuals if you choose.  All employees complete HIPAA training as required by law.  Physical and electronic safeguards are in place to protect your private information from security breaches. 

Do I Get to Choose my PT?

Yes.  Summit Physical Therapy, Inc will allow you to see the PT that is best for you. This may limit availability and affect how soon you can start physical therapy. Your physical therapist might refer you to another team member for a follow-up if their expertise pertaining to your diagnosis is needed. 

Will I See the Same PT each session?

At Summit Physical Therapy, Inc., we will do our best to keep you consistently scheduled with your primary Physical Therapist.  Your Physical Therapist may advise you be seen by another clinician based on individual specializations, however this will be at your discretion, and you will be notified prior to any scheduling changes.

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