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Hypervolt Go 2

The ultra portable massage gun that helps you massage away stress and tension, loosen muscle knots, and target fatigue.  This 1.5 pound hyper-quiet tool will provide you with 3 hours of deeply satisfying massage on a single charge.  Just a few minutes a day will help you feel revived and find your full range of motion.

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Normatec 3.0

Recover faster, improve training, and maximize your performance with the precision pulse technology and dynamic air compression of the Normatec 3.  Available for arms, legs, and hips.  

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Hypervolt 2

Newly improved with QuietGlide technology, reduced weight, and three speeds of percussion allow you to get back to doing what you love, even better.

Warm up quickly, stay loose, and accelerate recovery at home and beyond with the help of Hypersmart.  Use step-by-step expert guidance through Bluetooth and the Hyperice App to move better.

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Core Meditation Trainer

Reduce stress, increase focus, improve your mood, and unlock other numerous health benefits.

Core's immersive experience supports the development and practice of mindfulness habits so you can truly master your meditations.

Use Core's guided meditations, breathwork, or sound and music to tap-in to your inner calm.

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Stop Pain Topicals

Stopain Clinical and Stoppain Clinical Headache and Migraine is not available at stores or online.  Uses a 10% menthol and penetration enhancers for fast absorption and immediate pain relief.

Stoppain is the Only drug free topical available for headache and migraine relief.

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Hypersphere and Hypersphere mini

Ease tension everywhere with these convenient and efficient vibration enabled spheres.  The rubberized coating provides comfort while you soothe sore muscles and trigger points before or after your work outs or a stressful day.

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Biofreeze Professional

Get cooling pain releif before, after, or in-between Physical Therapy care with this colorless topical gel.  You can use the temporary cooling effect on minor aches and pains of muscles and joints associated with backache, arthritis, strains, bruises, and sprains.

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Vyper Go and Vyper 3.0

Loosen tight muscles or prime them before work.  With three stages of vibration intensity, you can select the level that works best for you to enhance your muscle function and optimize movement

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Venom Low Back

The Venom line from Hyperice combines the therapeutic and soothing effects of heat and vibration in a mobile wrap that can help alleviate low back pain while providing support.  Use this tool before, during, or after workouts or a hard day at work to melt away low back pain.

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Grid Foam Roller

Pick the print that fits your personality best while you use your foam roller to roll out tight muscles, release fascial restrictions, and modulate painful regions.  Lightweight, hollow interior allows for this device to fit in your gym bag, travel pack, or keep it in the office to stretch out during your lunch break.

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Venom Shoulder

Throwing athletes or workers with repetitive activities love this tool before they perform or after work to decrease shoulder pain, tightness, and optimize range of motion and performance of the shoulder.

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Hyperice X Knee

Mobile and battery powered heat, ice, or contrast between the two with the Hyperice X.  This app-controlled knee sleeve comes with several pre-programed protocols to help decrease inflammation, soothe sore joints, warm up the joint prior to performance, and many more.

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